Oontz Angle 3 Ultra vs Anker Soundcore 2: Which Speaker to Buy?

OontZ Angle 3 Ultra is of the preferred portable Bluetooth speakers solely because it perfectly balances the ratio between the features provided and the rate quoted. The trilateral speaker, which is modestly priced under 50 US Dollar, offers a list of features such as IPX7 water-resistant rating and Bluetooth 5.0 connection. Possible customers may have come across brilliant reviews for Anker Soundcore 2 and wonder which one to choose between it and OontZ Angle 3 Ultra. Both the speakers are almost similar in price, size and water resistance. So it all boils down to decisions made based on distinctive features.

To start with the most apparent: battery life, OontZ Angle 3 Ultra has a 20 hours battery while Anker Soundcore 2 holds a slightly higher battery power (24 hours). But Anker’s Bluetooth range of 66 foot is no match for Oontz’s 100-foot reach. Oontz is triangular and has the dimensions of 6.5×2.8×2.8 inches while Anker’s rectangular speakers are 6.5 x 2.2 x 1.8 inches in size. The sizes are not very different, and both of them are considerably compact. Both run on the 4.2 Bluetooth version, but Oontz has a power of 14 Watt whereas Anker falls short in this arena with a 10 Watt power capacity. Coming to their most popularized feature, i.e. water resistance, Oontz is IPX6 water-resistant and IPX7 resistant.

Oontz Angle 3 Ultra


The box of this speaker holds an instruction manual, the speaker, an aux cable and a micro USB cable. The front of the speaker holds a grille, and the backside of the speaker is equipped with the power button. A little flap covers the aux cable and micro USB cable input of the speaker. The sides of the speaker are covered with a rubberized material, while the four control buttons for power on, power off, pause/play, and volume control are on the left side of the speaker. The speaker also has small ventilation holes and two feet. 


The sound of the Oontz Angle 3 Ultra speaker is excellent for its size and price category. It holds the capability of profound and clear sound, even if played at a high volume. The sound quality is such that it does not distort easily.

Battery Life

The battery may take around 4-5 hours to charge fully. Once fully charged, the battery lasts between 18-20 hours if played at 2/3 volume. 

Anker Soundcore 2

Design The box of Anker Soundcore 2 contains the Anker happy/unhappy card, the speaker, a micro USB charging cable, and an instruction manual. Encased in the rectangular shape of thespeaker is the grille is made of aluminum and placed on the front of the speaker. The charge port and input for aux cable are covered with a flap. The button controls are placed on the top and let you control the volume, pause/play, and power on/off. A small LED is also placed on the speaker, which turns blue when the speaker is on and red when it is charged. 


The speaker is loud and clear, and the range is also robust for the size of the speaker.

Battery life

The speaker takes about 6 to 7 hours to charge from zero to hundred. The battery is strong enough since continuous usage for 6 hours managed to drain only 25% of the battery. That means the speaker can run for 24 hours straight without completely discharging. 

How to Use

Both Anker Soundcore 2 and Oontz Angle 3 Ultra are relatively simple to use. The speakers let you connect via Bluetooth and aux cable as per the users’ preference. In case of trouble connecting with Bluetooth, one can simply restart the speaker and the connection will re-establish.

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