Money Heist Season 5: What to Expect?

Is the Professor going to abandon Raquel?

One of the most trending series of this year, Money Heist made the charts for days when the new season came out. And still, the buzz around the show isn’t subsiding as we move on to the fifth season of the Spanish crime-franchise. They await the allowance of production continuation after which they are all set to start shooting.

As the hit on the ‘Bank of Spain’ continues, we are faced with an unwanted breakup. After finally getting together with the formal foe, The Professor might be looking at a significant breakup as the series moves forward.

It is the story of Professor (Alvaro Morte) and his team of robbers and how they take down a heist at the Royal Mint of Spain. We see them chased down by an equally worthy foe, Inspector Raquel Murillo (played by Itziar Ituno)

The Professor disguises himself in an alias named Salva Martin, to “keep his enemies closer” and create influence over the police’s actions. But despite understanding the reality, Raquel is unable to stop Prof, simply because he falls in love with him. So, he changes sides and joins the bad guys by the name of Lisbon.

 Although under police’s suspicion, and interrogated by inspector Alicia Sierra, Lisbon proves trustworthy and remains loyal to Prof throughout the latest hit.

But in a recent interview, Alvaro Morte has disclosed that his character might not be in the headspace for a romantic relationship for much longer.

The Spanish star revealed in an interview that the Professor is a tenacious and detailed-orientated person. His likable qualities include “patience” and “capacity to work”. His unique eye for detail is evident from the amount of time he spends planning these elaborate heists. 

The Professor has shown the prowess of his extremely tedious planning and expertise, as he leads his way through two elaborate heists across the first four installments. Although, it does not come as a surprise that the Professor isn’t that high on emotional intelligence. And thus, flawed relationships and connections fail to derive the same happiness a flawlessly executed plan can.

Netflix Gives us a Glimpse Into the Next Season

In a recent comment made on an Instagram post, Netflix might’ve hinted at what could happen in the next season. As a fan made a comment about the Professor being arrested and how, if he is as elaborate and intelligent as he’s shown to be, he is right where he wants to be. And Netflix agreed with a comment talking about how if he’s got into this mess, he will surely get out too. And that’s what the fans are waiting for, how will he do it?

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