Here’s How You Can Save Your Android Phone’s Battery

Smartphones have now become an integral and most important part of everyone’s life. In today’s life, we all are entirely dependent on our smartphones for everything. Whether it’s about booking a cab, paying our bills, online studies, streaming music and videos, or whatever it is, these smartphones perform every task for us. And undoubtedly this has made our lives much more comfortable. Remember, when we used to have those brick button phones whose battery life lasts for days.

As compared to the days of having those brick phones when there was not enough advanced technology, now we always stick to our smartphones more than ever before. Comparing those old button thick phones to our latest smartphones, it has been realised that the battery life of those phones was much better and lived longer than the battery of these latest technological smartphones. But, we all know the fact that these smartphones have made us addicted to them. And that’s where the problem arises of their batteries. We use these smartphones so much throughout the day that we end up complaining about its fast-draining battery issues. It is the most common issue that every one of us uses to face these days. But what can we do to fix this battery problem on our smartphones? How can we extend our smartphone’s battery life?

If you are also trying to find the solution to this common problem of draining the battery life of your smartphone too quickly, then, no need to go anywhere. You will find the solution to your problem right here only. The main aim of this article is to focus on the ways of improving or extending the battery life of your smartphone. Take a tour through the full article and explore the tips to maintain the battery life of your smartphone.

Tips to Improve And Extend Your Smartphone’s Battery Life

You can find tons of different suggestions across the web, claiming to improve your smartphone’s battery life. But here, we will suggest you the best actionable tips that are proven as the best ways. We assume you don’t want to go through a long list, and that is why we have limited the options to the ones that are easy to follow and will help you to improve your phone’s battery life. Have a look at the mentioned list of the suggestions to help yourself in improving the battery life of your smartphone. 

Find and Uninstall the Applications that Are of No Use

When you step out of your house to go somewhere, do you leave the lights, Television, or any other electricals switched on? Obviously not. Same should go with your smartphone too. If you want to save your smartphone battery, then you should treat your smartphone like your home. Should apply the same principles there too. Because these unused apps are also one of the main reasons for your smartphones battery issues, it affects your smartphones battery life. It would be the best option if you observed the apps that consume a lot of battery power. You can do that by visiting the options of Settings< battery on your phone. This will usually reveal the apps or the services that eat a lot of your battery power. And now you can delete the applications that you do not use on a regular basis.

Adjust the Brightness on Your Smartphone Screen

Most of us keep our smartphones on high brightness. This somewhat provides a better experience, but this is also one of the main reasons for the draining of your smartphone battery at a fast rate. High brightness might provide you with better exposure of the text messages under the bright light of the sun, but what’s the use of keeping it on high after the sunset. It would be best if you toned the brightness of your phone a bit to save your battery for the whole day. You can use the feature of auto-brightness or can use adaptive brightness. You can also customise the screen timeout period on your phone by tapping on the option of Auto-lock for iPhone and Settings> Display option for the Android user. By dimming your smartphone’s display brightness, you can ensure that the screen now will consume less power to make your battery last longer.

Use the Power Saving Mode Option on Your Phone

Every smartphone has this option of power-saving mode. It is one of the best features that comes inbuilt within all the smartphones. Setting your smartphone on power saving mode is also one of the best options to save your smartphone’s battery life and make it last longer. Please do note that on setting your smartphone on the power saving mode, it will limit the certain features on your phone. In fact, I would say that this is the most crucial step that you should consider every time whenever you go out anywhere. And you can also install other third-party battery-saving applications that will help you to maintain and improve your smartphone battery life. There are plenty of options available for that including green power premium, DU Battery saver, Android booster and many more. You can download any of the battery saver apps from the Play Store or App Store.

Consider Disconnecting the Apps that You Are Not Using at a Time

Smartphones are meant to connect us with our loved ones and with the people living across the world. But unfortunately, these connectivity apps are one of the primary causes of the smartphone battery draining too fast. By turning off the WIFI, GPS, Bluetooth, and mobile data when not in use, you can save a lot of your smartphone battery. There’s no reason to stay connected to the internet 24/7. It not only consumes the battery life but also increases your data usage. Please do not keep your Bluetooth on for too long as it can even pose some security issues. It’s better to turn off these applications at the time when you are not using them. Also, consider setting your phone on the vibration mode when not in use. 

Avoid Using Live Wallpapers

Almost all of us love live Wallpapers. Especially those with the animated ones. We all want our smartphone display to look a bit more attractive. And that’s why these live wallpapers are created. But do you even know how much power they consume? They consume a large amount of our battery power. Using these live wallpapers, it can kill your phone’s battery in half of the day. These live wallpapers are amazing, but they come at the expense of our smartphone’s battery. So, what’s the meaning of using these viewing pleasures that costs you your battery life. Using dark wallpapers will be the best option if you want to get rid of these battery life problems of your smartphone. Giving up the live wallpapers can prove to be a good idea for the sake of your phone’s battery life. 

Improving and maximising your smartphones battery life is very easy and straightforward. Because a lot of components on our smartphone use a touch of power, so, it is better to turn off the options that you do not utilise at the real-time. Use these tricks and make sure not to become the person who ends up complaining about your phone’s battery at the end of each day.

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