Fortnite New Skins & Cosmetics Leaked From v14.60 Update

The new v14.60 update brings in new skins and cosmetics for the new Marvel Knockout Super Series.

Fortnite has been updating new skins and cosmetics for their new Marvel Knockout Super Series. But the dataminers leaked all the new skins and cosmetics, including the most anticipated Venom skin.

This is not the first time that Fortnite updates were released ahead of schedule. In 2019, Epic Games sued a game tester who allegedly leaked new maps before the schedule.

Another incident fired the community in 2018 when a Reddit thread shared new updates about the season four meteor strike, resulting in a lawsuit against the defendant.

However, the v14.60 update leaked all the new skins, cosmetics, new backblings, emoji, and new weapon wraps.

Here is a look at all of the leaked skins and add-ons in the new v14.60 update.

Leaked cosmetics

The new v14.60 update includes cosmetics like the four new Backblings, Emoji, music pack, new sprays, and weapon wraps.


Stirbaby from the Baker’s Nightmare set

The Stirbaby Backbling is the part of the stir-baby’s attachments. You can collect all the additional pieces for using the outfit Mincemeat. There are three attachments for the Mincemeat outfit set, which can be found in the new v14.60 leak.

Glider: Mash

Harvesting Tool: Mash-Mincers

Backbling: Stirbaby

Shine Pack from the Encrusted set

The shine pack is part of the Encrusted set, introduced in chapter 2, season 4. There are one outfit, one Backbling, and one tool for using the complete Encrusted set.

Outfit: Ice Raider

Harvesting Tool: 6-carat Cutter

Backbling: Shine Pack

Tendril Tote

The Tendril Tote is part of the Marvel Fortnite Back Bling from the new Venom set. There are four attachments available with the new venom pack.

Outfit: Venom

Harvesting tool: Symbiote Slasher

Emote: We are Venom

Backbling: Tendril Tote

Heart Target

The Heart Target Backbling is part of the rare Heart-Stopper set. The set includes one skin and one Backbling. 

Outfit: Heart-Stopper

Backbling: Heart Target


There are two new sprays in the new v14.60 update. These are Jhonny Blaze spray and Nana Dance spray. 

Benjy Fishy & Nick Eh 30 Bundles

Players familiar with Fortnite skins must be aware of the skin bundles that come with the new skins. The v14.60 update has two character bundles, including two new skins, backblings, gliders, and pickaxes.

Venom Cup

The most exciting part of the new update is the new Venom Skin, a part of the Marvel Knockout Super Series tournament. Players can now participate in the Venom Cup match to earn a chance to win the new Venom skin, Venom Emote, Tendril Tote BackBling, and Symbiote Slasher Pickaxe.

Video cams

Players can now video chat with each other while playing the game. The new update allows users to see each other while playing the game through Houseparty.

XP Xtravaganza

The battle passes are more accessible with the new update. The new challenges have been leaked, and players can utilize the last few weeks to complete the battle pass for Holo style battle skin in level 220.


The new v14.60 update is amazing, and the skins, wraps, and add-ons make Fortnite a little more attractive to the players. There are a few more updates that are yet to be released, and we can expect more updates and the new world cup in summer 2021.

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