Digimon Adventure 2020 Might Make the Same Mistake Again

Digimon Adventure 2020 has been one of the rare shows that have shifted the status quo and introduced new ideas in the anime world. Although some of these shifts have worked for the show, many have received a lot of criticism. One of the most criticized parts of the show was the character split up in Episode 19. When they finally reunited in Episode 27, the fans finally rejoiced, but it seems that the series is about to make its worst mistake once again.  

In Episode 28 of the show, Digidestined and their partner were split up from others and tossed to the eight corners of the Digital World by Angemon’s powers. The pair had to face extremely dangerous situations and only had Digivices to communicate with each other. The eerie similarities of the plotline to the previous one have annoyed many fans since they had just started rejoicing that the gang was together once again. However, the writer has been very clear that they want to explore characters more, so they are not afraid of experimenting. It won’t be surprising if they decide to go with the controversial plotline.

It is entirely possible that the split might be done to take the focus away from Taichi and Yamato, who have more screen-time than any other characters on the show. If writers prefer to keep all the stories simultaneous, then there is a possibility that they might be able to give each pair equal time. Based on the characters, the episodes’ pace and tone can be changed multiple times, which will create a unique and unforgettable experience. 

In the previous party-split, the writers were very smart to ensure that the focus was shifted to new characters. If the recent developments are kept in mind, it’s safe to bet that this time Hikari would get more screen-time. The shift of the focus on Hikari will also help establish her as a character and make it much easier for the viewers to believe her sibling dynamic with Taichi. But opportunities, if not utilized properly, might turn out to be terrible for the show. Yamato took center stage when the time was right, and Takeru was in danger. Hikari’s kidnapping will give Taichi the same opportunity, and it remains to be seen if he will rise to the occasion.

The focus turned solely on the plotline might take the story away from the goal to protect Tokyo from Digital Apocalypse. The viewers’ attention will also move away from the real goal; if so, many villains have nothing to do with it. When survival becomes the main hurdle, the meaningful progress of Digidestined will be at risk, and the show might suffer. 

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